Worst Casino Games Available on iPhone

Every month new online casinos become available on the iPhone and before long the choice of games you can play on your phone will be the same as those you can play on your desktop computer. Mobile online gaming is the new phenomenon of our current age and it is getting bigger all the time.

This article is about the casino games available on the iPhone, and based on our introductory paragraph it is apparent that these are the same as on any computer. What makes a casino game a better option than any other is the opportunity it gives us to make a profit – in other words the best games are those in which our chances of winning are the highest.

If you really enjoy any particular game then you might not mind that you have less chance of winning; it may well be worth the potential loss just for the fun of the game www.tragaperrasdecasinos.com and even if your chances of winning are lower you still could win. However, on the criteria of probability the following games are those to postpone until you have more experience:

Keno has a particularly house edge of around 25%, which means that the casino pays out on average only £75 of each £100 that is bet. Neither is it a particularly exciting game, in fact it is rather dull, though of course you might love it.

The Wheel of Fortune is not available for the iPhone though it almost certainly will be before very long, but it has a house edge which can be as high as 24% (though it can sometimes be lower). It is not just the game that has a high house edge; sometimes it is just some of the available bets that do. An example of this is Baccarat where a tie bet has a house edge of 14.4 percent compared with the alternative banker and player bets which have house edges of less than 1.5 percent.

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