Properly Shuffle a Deck of Cards

Properly Shuffle a Deck of Cards

Before cards are dealt in play, they must be shuffled. There are several methods, but it all comes down to one task – thorough mixing of cards. There should not be a single chain of cards from the previous game. When it comes to professional tournaments, the dealer uses classical methods of shuffling cards. But playing with friends, you can resort to the most virtuoso methods. Learn a few of them to surprise your friends as you play. Basic methods of shuffling cards there are the main methods of shuffling cards that are used most often.

The traditional way the casino dealer holds a deck of cards in his right hand, and removes a small part of the cards with his left and sends it back to the deck, but on the other side. This way all the cards can be shuffled pretty well. This method is used most often. Fan this method needs to be learned, as it is much more complicated than the traditional one. The croupier keeps the cards in balance, dividing the deck in half, connects the edges of the cards like a gear and shuffles them through one. It looks very impressive, but it will take time to master the fan method well.

Strip quite an easy method that any beginner can do the easiest way to shuffle is on the table. To do this, the deck is divided into several parts and thrown on top of each other. You need to make at least such re-rolls so that the cards mix well. the croupier seems to stretch the deck of cards on the table in two lines. And then he shuffles the cards among themselves and collects the deck again. You need to repeat several times for the best result. In this method is very similar to streep the deck is also divided into several piles, but shuffled not on the table, but in hands.

Requires a little more dexterity, but is also easy to perform. Divide the deck of cards into two parts and place them side by side. Next, bend the edges and flip through the cards so that they mix with each other. Shuffle the deck by simply splitting it in half and flipping through all the cards. You can arrange parts of the deck both along and across, as it is more convenient for you. But if you want to shuffle the deck quickly and, most importantly, qualitatively, this method is not always appropriate.

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