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Play Live Casino Gaming

This game has been to the delight and despair of a multitude of players. Today, it is still one of the most popular casino games in the world both at physical casinos and online. Much of the reason it is so popular is because the rules are relatively easy to understand. For example, a hand with aces and will be a soft end hand with aces is a hard. If you choose to double, you have the opportunity to win twice as much, but are also in danger of losing twice as much. So you have to calculate when it pays to double and when it does not.

If the dealer has a weak card between it may be a good idea to double. But there are some elements in this game that can seem overwhelming the first time you play and there are also some more complicated rules when you start to go a little more in depth in the game. So before you bet everything on black and hope for the best, you may want to take an ever so small introduction to roulette. In short, in this game you have to guess where the ball lands in a spinning wheel consisting of numbered fields.

Even if you have never played roulette before, you will probably recognize the traditional table with a green field that can be placed next to the classic roulette wheel. A dealer drops a small ball into the spinning wheel that will eventually land on one of the numbers. If the ball lands where you bet, you win. Roulette comes in a multitude of different varieties, and two of the most popular are online roulette casino game. The rules in these versions are largely the same but there are significantly different ones.

The biggest difference is that the casino version has an extra pocket. Online roulette casino has numbers in addition to while the has numbers plus. This means that the house advantage is notched higher in the online casino gaming version. The payout is here too, but the house advantage here is as much as in this version. Despite the fact that the house’s advantage is higher in american roulette, the payout is the same in both variants. It will therefore pay to play the online casino version. It is therefore important to only use doubling if you have a strong belief that you will win.

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