Play French Roulette

Play French Roulette

Today you can play French roulette at similar tables as the European and American variants of roulette games are played. It is especially in online casinos that these roulette tables have also been introduced for French roulette. The really classic tables at French roulette are otherwise the large, so-called double tables, where the roulette wheel is placed in the middle. However, there are some small differences in how the smaller French roulette tables are presented.

A French roulette table differs from the tables usually used in European and American roulette. Perhaps the main difference is the base color, where the French table is usually red, while the other variants have green roulette tables. But, for the player, perhaps the biggest difference is that the numbers on the betting table are not marked in red and black, as it is on another roulette table. It is therefore important for the person who is betting, to keep track of the color of the different numbers on the roulette wheel. Another difference between French roulette and European roulette is that in French roulette you have more betting choices. On the French table, in addition to all the usual bet fields, it is also possible to place so-called call bets.

There are different variants of call bets, but as an example can be mentioned the fairly common variant, to bet on neighbors. When you bet on neighbors, you select a special number and bet on this number, as well as its nearest neighbors, ie the two numbers closest to the right and to the left of the selected number. The bet will thus be five chips, which will be placed on the selected numbers. At an online casino, both betting opportunities, layout and what is usually called “La Partage” in French roulette vary. “La Partage” is a concept that means that all players get back half the bet if the ball ends up at zero. This thus reduces the casino’s advantage, and means that the refund can be as large as 98.65%, which is among the largest refunds you can get at a casino. A casino that applies this rule is thus a casino where you have an extra large chance of winning. However, today many casinos choose to remove this rule, because it reduces the bank’s advantage so significantly. At online casinos you can also see a lot of variations of the game’s appearance and rules, which makes it not particularly difficult to find a casino, which is called a French casino, but which has the numbers marked in red and black on its gaming table.

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