Online Slots- Progressive Jackpots

Everybody dreams of winning a lottery. the chance to earn big bucks in an instant, the chance to earn enough to last a lifetime, or more. but usually, such life changing instances wouldn’t come to one’s mind while picturing the humble slots. not that there isn’t any money in slots, of course. but one would rather expect quick and small payouts from slots, rather than huge fortunes. Well, Progressive Jackpots is the slot machine’s answer to the lottery. in terms of luck, sheer chance, and magnitude of payout,  progressive jackpots from slots can rival the lottery in the right circumstances.

as they say, it is all in the name. Progressive Jackpots are not called “progressive” for nothing. it is the key word here. in simple terms, what it means is that every time the game is played, the value of the jackpot is increased slightly. in the case of slots, be it 3 reel, 5 reel, video slots, or fruit machines, with every single instance of the game played on the machine, the jackpot is increased slightly.

Usually, the amount of the jackpot is displayed on the slot machines. the jackpot is usually won by the highest possible hand on the slot machine. and once the jackpot has been claimed, the meter is again reset to zero and the process starts again. depending on the number of slot machines involved, the amount of jackpot can vary hugely.

In the case of larger casinos with a lot of slot machines, the scale of money involved also increases. in such scenarios, one can play for progressive jackpots on any one of the numerous slot machines that you find in casinos. as the slots are all connected, each time a play is made on any one machine, the jackpot is increased. the longer the duration of games without anyone hitting the jackpot, the higher the payout.

So you can imagine the scale and reach of an online casino. with increased number of players playing online slots on any given time, the frequency of jackpots is higher than with slot machines. and the payouts also can be very high. with the convenience of playing from wherever you want, online slots offers you the chance to win massive payouts as well, through progressive jackpots. so whether you are somebody looking for some fun time pass, or chasing your dreams, online slots can surely make your day.