How to Win the Jackpot

How to Win the Jackpot

In recent years, slot machines with progressive jackpots in particular have become very popular. This is probably due to several things both the entertainment value and the excitement of the game but mainly due to the huge amounts you can win if you are lucky. When it comes to a progressive jackpot, the top prize can be many millions. In fact, a lucky player in 2011 won a total of 92 million on a progressive slot machine. Of course, such amounts are not won every day, but the more people who play on the slot machine in question, and the fewer who win the jackpot, the bigger the pot, and the more you can win.

The big win of 92 million was won on one of the most famous progressive slot machines on the market mega fortune from netent. In this slot machine, the theme is luxury and welfare a little taste of what you have in store if you win the progressive jackpot. Other well known slot machines with progressive jackpots are the smash hit mega moolah from microgaming, as well as other successful titles such as hall of gods, arabian nights, mega fortune dreams and major millions. We will take a closer look at some of the most well known progressive slot machines on the market. These have previously won big prizes, and the entertainment value is great.

When we talk about progressive slots, we can not go on without looking more closely at mega moolah from the gaming provider microgaming. This is among the most popular progressive slots on the market, and also the progressive slot machine that has so far handed out the biggest wins. In 2015, a lucky player won over 17 million euros on this slot machine, or over 170 million. Another progressive slot game worth mentioning is the hall of gods from netent. Here, excitement and viking theme are combined in great harmony, and if you are really lucky, the gods are on your side and send you on the right path towards the progressive jackpot. When it comes to slot machines with jackpots and progressive jackpots, you can remember as a rule of thumb that it will never be easy to win the main prize.

It happens very rarely but it does happen and with a few tips and tricks lurking, you can increase the likelihood of winning good money while playing on your favorite slot machines. The very first thing you should do is decide if you want to play on a slot machine with a constant jackpot or a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Normally it is more difficult to win on a progressive slot machine, but the excitement, and the winnings, are also usually higher on these. The second thing you should focus on is reading rules. You often have to use the highest bet level as well as bet on all available paylines to be at all qualified to chase the jackpot. Therefore, always make it a habit to read through the instructions quickly so you do not have to chase a win you do not have the opportunity to get because you play wrong. The third tip is to learn essential casino concepts. Such concepts often explain how a slot machine is built, how often you should expect a win, and how big the winnings normally are. With control over regular casino terms, you are in a better position in the hunt for big wins.

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