How to Win at Craps

On the one hand it’s easy: for winning you need to bet your money so that the combination was winning. Only in this case you will succeed. Though many experts on game theory think that there are no special strategies and no best bets in craps, we’ll however try to sort out this question. Under the probability theory craps are negative for the player and only good luck, smart and accurate bets let the player win.

But it’s not true. Here are 5 basic rules how to play at craps and win:

Take into consideration that you may lose. Take with you in casino just as much money as you can afford to lose. Realize your objective. Your game style should answer your objectives.  If you want play in online casino for a long time, follow the low risk strategy. On the contrary, if you want to get considerable winnings, you should make big bets, for example, bet on doubles, any seven or odds. Follow your cash in casino. You should raise the bet only after winning.  If you make big bets after losing, there is a strong probability that you will run out of money before you start winning. Make bets according to rules of logic or counter to them but never combine these two styles.

Use strategy for craps.

Use all basic strategies for craps you can find in books, magazines, on the Internet.  Also note which bets are more preferable and bring more money.  When you get a basic understanding of what actually works, use it! Build your own winning craps strategy and follow it.  After a while you will see how successful is this strategy and realize that it will bring you money.

If you want to win at craps, you need keep in mind that each dice roll isn’t connected with preceding one.  That is if for example 7 doesn’t come up ten times, the probability it will come up in the 11th roll is the same as in the first roll. That’s why the best craps strategy can’t be based on the coming up of the preceding numbers. The most winning craps strategy consists in combining of Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet with Odds bet.  But remember that these probabilities will only become apparent in the long game. At the same time payments of the most winning bets are low.  That’s why for raising winnings relative to the size of your bet you’d better to risk by betting on doubles or by using game systems. Here’s how to win craps.

All casinos and online casinos set payment ratio lower than the chances of the player on the table.  And because of the fact that there is no connection between the rolls of dice, the player can’t develop a profitable and long-term winning craps strategy. That’s why we can resume that best craps strategy is to choose the bets which make minimal the casino advantage. But does this approach let you enjoy the game?  The best approach is to think over all variants of bets and believe your good luck.  And the Fortune will favour you.

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