How to Play Slots to Improve Your Chances

You may think that playing slot machines are as simple as putting your money into the machine and pull the lever or press the “Play” button. Well, you thought is just partly correct; for many slot players, this is the way of playing, but do you know that are a lot of little tips that you can apply that will help you to increase to chance to win in slot machine? Get to know these little things first before start putting your hard-earned money into the machines. Here are some tips for your reference if you are interested in playing slot machines:

Play at Higher Payout Percentage

Since all online casino games are random, the most important in how to win at slots is finding a slots casino that has better than average payouts. All slots you play are programmed at a specific, predefined percentage. The payback percentage on slots ranges between 80% to as high as 98%, depending on coin size and local competition. Get to know the average payout percentages of each casinos and play at casinos with higher percentage of payout will improve your chances to hit the winning spin.

Play the Right Machine

When casinos advertise that their slot machines have 98% percent payback, normally they do not mean all their slot machines will pay this high percentage. Look at the advertisement carefully, there will always a small term printed “selected machines” or “up to 98%”. The 98% machines probably won’t be identified; it will up to you to find them. Try to chat with some local players to know which slots are the most popular slot machines. Normally, local players don’t play tight slots and from there you might be able to find some hints to find the slot machines that give you better chances of winning.

Play the Coin Denomination that’s right for the Size of your Bankroll

If you are playing at slot machines that offer a bonus for playing maximum coins, look at your bankroll and see how much you have, and choose a machine based on price. If you have $200 to spend, then obviously you can go with a dollar machine and still get plenty of spins at maximum coins. But if you have only $50, you may want to play some quarter machines to get the maximum effect. For example, if the maximum payout on a dollar machine is $300 for single coin play, and a quarter machine pays $300 with 3 coins of 25 cents (75 cents) inserted, then the quarter machine stays a better deal.

Hit and Run

The longer you stay at any slot machine, the greater the odds against you. If your selected slot machine hits at average of at least every 3 to 4 spins; then, you can continue play at the same slot machine else it’s better for you to take a move and try your luck at other machines. Don’t keep feeding a cold slot and hoping it will warm up and get hits, you will lose more money if you do this.

In Summary

There is no slot playing strategies that will promise you a 100% method of ho to win at slots, since slot machines are basically a game of chance. This means winning at slots always has an element of chance, sometimes you will win and other times you will spin and lose. But, there sure are smart ways to play slots that can improve your winning chances.

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