How to Increase Your Poker Profits by Using Your Texas Holder Poker Face

With so much talk about how fun and easy it is to play Texas Holder poker online at, maybe you’re wondering if one environment is better than the other. Well the truth is, both types of Texas Holder (online and offline) are a lot of fun! The big difference of course is that with online Texas Holder you do play against other poker players, but at the online table these players are represented by icons. Although the icons might have happy faces or smiley faces, what they don’t have are poker faces!

Is there really such a thing as a Poker Face?

You better believe there is and if you don’t know how to read one or worse, to display one, then you better stay away from Texas Holder poker until you do! If you know anything about body language, you know that your body can speak much louder than your words. And when it comes playing texas hold em poker, although your mouth may be quiet, your face including your eyes, eyebrows, forehead, chin, and mouth and even your breathing could give away your hand!

Even if these body parts aren’t necessarily giving away your hand, the inability to manage your Texas Holdem poker face might be telling other players what you’re thinking about! When you play Texas Holdem live, as in you’re playing in the physical presence of others, the experienced poker players will spend a lot of time interpreting the poker faces of the other players. Oftentimes these practiced players are able to tell whether another player is telling the truth and really is holding a royal flush in his hands or whether he is bluffing. Not coincidentally this is called looking for another player’s tells.

Poker Face Tips

Here are some tips that can help you keep your poker face from telling what’s in your hand when playing live Texas Holdem.


  1. Whenever possible, refrain from making eye contact with the other players at your table. Better known as the windows to your soul your eyes can also tell others a lot about the cards you’re holding.


  1. Never smile or frown. If you smile, you’re telling others you’re satisfied with your hand. If you frown, well you can figure out that one! Remember, other players at the texas hold em table are always watching.


  1. Believe it or not the way your Adam’s apple reacts can give your texas hold em hand away. When you take a big gulp, it will make a noticeable movement, so try not to.


  1. Keep your forehead from crinkling and your eyebrows from furrowing or arching. Otherwise, you may as well be advertising to the other texas hold em players that you’ve got a great hand or a terrible one.


  1. As silly as this may sound, don’t forget to practice your poker face before sitting down at a Texas Holdem poker table. You can do this in front of your bathroom mirror or in front of your video camera just as long as you don’t practice in front of experienced high stakes Texas Holdem players!

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